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Cyanogen CEO: We’re putting a bullet through Google’s head

Cyanogen has announced it raised $80 million in funding from biggies like Twitter Ventures, Qualcomm, Telefónica Ventures, Rupert Murdoch and Premji Invest, among others. It now plans to use the investment to hire talent that can help further accelerate the development of its open source OS. Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster has also been quite vocal about his problem with Google. ... Read More »

How To Install Google Play Services on Android emulator Genymotion?

Install Google Play Services on Android emulator Genymotion very easy step by step with images One issue with Genymotion is that none of the pre-baked images include Google Play Services. As Google continues to increase the power and functionality provided by this closed-source-nonofficial piece of the Android stack, not having Google Play Services available on my Genymotion emulator is a ... Read More »

CM11 beta -4 for galaxy y duos is out!

CM11 by DzB Team

CM11 beta -4 ALL QUERIES AND DOUBTS AND PROBLEMS WILL BE SOLVED ON FORUM WE DONT WANT SPAM ON BLOG THANKS How to install: reboot to recovery; install zombie kernel format to ext 4 {check zombie kernel post} reboot to recovery; use attached CWM6; mount all; flash; reboot to recovery; flash 2nd time (this is needed because new ... Read More »

CM7.2 for Y Duos

CM7.2 Y Duos

As you wish – DZB team done it….. CM7.2 for Y Duos Not working: GPS Screenshots in some apps Dual SIM Working: All except above… 😉 Download: HERE Mirror HERE Procedure: boot into CWM recovery; format /system, /cache, /data; mount /system, /cache, /data; install rom; reboot and wait – it can take up to 10 min 1st time; enjoy There ... Read More »

CM11 on S6102 Y Duos – 24-06-2014.

Hi Everyone, So as expected the guys are dzb are rocking to make CM11 available for y duos. They are working really hard to fix the bugs and make it suitable for daily use. Lets get started.     Whats working: Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS Acclerometer, Proximity sensor, ETC works. Sim network works and Data connection. Almost everything else works including ... Read More »

Progress of CM11 on S6102 Duos gone totally out of control! ;)


Progress is moving so fast that I have not even time for posting! Okay, this time I will be quick…  😉 I think we got very good progress on latest build. On last build we got: wi-fi; sound (partially like on cm9); kernel; cwm 6; graphics acceleration (almost fully working); and more; I am planning to fix very soon: sensors ... Read More »

CM11 and S6102? Is this possible?!

CM11 S6102?

Team DZB started something new again! Team DZB has started work on CM11 kernel for S6102! 😎 This will take a lot of time, but we wont stop till we will get it! As you all may know – CM11 has been booted on S5360. We will try to boot it on S6102 Duos too! Project is in early alpha ... Read More »

[ROM]CM9 for galaxy y duos(UPDATED ON – 20/4/14)

CM9 for galaxy y duos WE FIXED GPS!!   Team DZB™ done it – we compiled CM9 from sources for GT-S6102 Duos! We are releasing CM9 beta 3 for torino.   Please don’t re-upload our work on other sites or we will stop development on this device!   bugs -CAMERA -compass{error in magnetic sensor reading} -1 SIM only!{cannot be solved ... Read More »

Building Cyanogenmod From Source For The Nook Color

Building Cyanogenmod From Source For The Nook Color by meteorrock After trying to build a working model for the nook color I have noticed some guides that are incomplete, hard to understand for beginners. I am going to write up a new guide on building cyanogenmod from source code for the nook color here. You will need to go over ... Read More »