Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Google Adds Android Apps Support to Chrome OS

Chrome OS

Google Adds Android Apps Support to Chrome OS Some time ago, Google decided to give up on Android and focus on Chrome OS as the main operating system for more traditional computing form factors. Since that time, we’ve seen Chrome OS ship on Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and the like. It seems that the engineers at Google changed their minds and decided to ... Read More »

25 Reasons to use Ubuntu Linux instead of Windows

Lots of people argue why I should use Linux (any distro, I prefer Ubuntu) when I am currently using Windows or Mac. Given a chance to select your choice of operating system (OS), people may prefer to use Linux than anything else. The other thing which prevents users using Linux is the hardware support which is not that good currently ... Read More »

[How-To] Save Files Directly In Your Dropbox Account

Cloud computing is the latest tech trend these days . So today i will tell how to  send files directly to cloud storage sites like dropbox. All you need is to make  an account on Dropbox. The website offers 2Gb free storage facility. You can purchase more space if you want. First of all you need google chrome browser and ... Read More »

How to Play PS 2 on PC / Laptop

For Windows: 1. First click this link. 2. Open the file and extract its contents into a folder (eg C: PCSX2) 3. Run pcsx2.exe contained in the folder you’ve extract.    For Linux: Download his application binary from HERE or the sources contained in GoogleCode . To merge from the source, follow the instructions contained in the earlier GoogleCode ... Read More »

[How-To] Use Your Computer’s Keyboard In Android Using WIFI

Use Your Laptops/Pc Keyboard As Your Keyboard In Android Using WIFI. Requirements:- 1. “Wi-fi Keyboard” Apk – Download It From Google Play Store:- Playstore’s Link2. A Wi-fi Connection. Tutorial:-1.Install The Wifi Keyboard On The Android Device!2. Run And Exit It.3. Go To Messaging And Click New Message.4. Long Press On The Type To Compose Box.5. Then There Will Be A ... Read More »