Tuesday , 23 January 2018
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SGYD had a Accident!!!

SGYD had a Accident!!!.just the day after birthday i had a bike accident and nothing bad happned just my loved sgyd screen got dead so my connection to social world got cut but i will be back soon

it was in the pocket of my jacket and i had a bike slip on road a small scratch on my knee and nothing happned to me
but the phone in my jacket pocket behind my purse got something bad

then when i checked my phone after comeing home then i saw that the screen was full white with black patches

then i opened the phone to check the screen but it was broken from inside

lets see if it can be repaired

IMG_20141216_205818 IMG_20141216_205757

sgyd in bike accident

sgyd in bike accident

IMG_20141216_205941 IMG_20141216_205818_1 IMG_20141216_205841 IMG_20141216_205854

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