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How to install Whatsapp On Linux Operating System|Ubuntu|Unix

In this guide we will see how to install whatsapp on linux operating System and how to use the popular mobile messaging service WhatsApp within Pidgin in our Linux distribution. Whatsapp can be used on windows and mac via bluestack  but not on linux , so below is the solution to this problem .

WhatsApp is a mobile application that allows you to chat for free with all your friends using internet connection. Special feature of whatsapp is that you can only interact with the persons in your contact list and can send files , documents videos , mp3 etc. This app uses your number to verify and one number can be used on a single device.

how to install whatsapp on linux operating system

From Today we can finally install WhatsApp on linux operating System thanks to Pidgin and especially to whatsapp-purple to a protocol that goes with IMPLEMENTED libpurple inside the famous open source messaging client.
whatsapp-purple is a project in development that allows us to use WhatsApp in Pidgin with some limitations. 
In fact, the protocol (currently) does not include a tool to carry out the registration of your account, and you can not sync contacts , also while using pc we can no longer use the mobile application upon new registration (we will have to redo the wizard start reinserting the number of mobile phone use in confirming your mobile devices.) 

Steps to Install Whatsapp on Linux Operating System.

With WhatsApp Pidgin we can still send pictures, chat with our friends etc. all directly from our computer desktop. The first thing to do is install Pidgin, to install Ubuntu Linux derivative or just type in a terminal:


sudo apt-get install pidgin


Once installed we will install Pidgin whatsapp-purple to do this just download the package 32bit or 64bit once downloaded just double click on the package and confer the installation.

For those who have another Linux distribution just type in a terminal: For Linux 32-Bit

cd / usr / lib / pidgin /
sudo wget

For Linux 64 Bit

cd / usr / lib / pidgin /
sudo wget
At this point, we will have access to WhatsApp to Pidgin enter the username (our cell number) and password for authentication provided by WhatsApp team to receive your password we’ll have to use the tool for Microsoft Windows native WART but we can also start in Linux thanks to Mono.
Firstly install Mono and dependencies required for the initiation of WART in Linux to do this just type in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install libmono-system-core4.0-cil libmono-system-windows-forms4.0-cil mono-runtime

we just have to download and start typing WART always a terminal:

WART mono- ui


In WART we have to put our cell phone number associated with the account WhatsApp followed by 39 (country code) eg if the cell is 347 347 347 we will have our inserie 3947347347 and click on
text request code after a few seconds there will come a SMS to the mobile phone number provided 6-digit number xxx-xxx should insert in the code without a hyphen that is xxxxxx and click on the Confirm Code
After a few seconds we will receive the password like this ABCGHILmNOP12345 + = QRST be included in Pidgin together with your number.
insert username in the username used with the mobile application and we are ready to use WhatsApp in Pidgin. and this is how you can install whatsapp on linux Operating System
Stay tuned and updated .

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