Monday , 22 January 2018
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Anger of Stick v1.1.0 [Free Shopping MOD]

Hello guys, its one of the new admins: Treva here. I’m here to present a mind-blowing action fighting game for Android: Anger of Stick 2.

This game features the protagonist being a stickman with ecstatic and exploding rage that overcomes his enemies. This game mainly aims on surviving as well as eradicating the player’s enemies by each level. With progress, certain levels include mazes and more challenging enemies in the form of robots. There are certain aids that one can come across such as helicopters or machinery-controlled minigun-equiped robots for more action as well. Your only chance is to keep running and mashing with melee moves via the three arcade style thumb-basher buttons.
With three different modes available, an arsenal of arms, and a whopping 130 combat moves to master, blood both flies and flows in equal measure as you rack up the body count and, consequently, the coins required to shop for shooters to aid and expedite execution of the doodle enemies.

In this version, the Free Shopping MOD is active; that means that one can just simply disconnect their Internet connection – move towards the purchase area and click on any purchase and it will be credited immediately (even if an error messages comes when the Google Play Store Purchase dialog box comes – the coins get credited).

Weapons featured include Minigun, Remington Shotgun, Uzi, and Ak47 as well as certain aides including extra added defense and offensive powers.


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