Tuesday , 23 January 2018
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News about xeonzolt blog!

As you all know – we had very bad last week:

  • we had problems with new host;
  • we had problems with redirects;
  • our cm9 compilation machine died;
  • some team mates are too busy to work;
  • host damaged all our blog;
  • some issues with forum;
  • and much more……

But what can’t kill you – that makes you stronger! 😉 Now blog is back with full horse power, with totally new domain name, new features and other cool things! 😎 And we will continue to improve forum too…. Stay tuned! 😉

Administration of XeonZolt blog


About Einārs V.

I am one of the DzB-Team members since we started to exist, forum administrator and program manager of internet radio station - one of crazy zombie brothers! ;)


  1. tnx for info.

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