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Little Blue Bird grew [2.3.7] For SGYD – V2 [28.06.2014]

Little Blue Bird Grew
2.3.7 dual sim rom for galaxy y duos from team DZB – its a little step taken from 2.3.6

ROM features
  1. Android 2.3.7
  2. Dual sim supported
  3. Pre Rooted
  4. Aosp
  5. Deodexed
  6. Almost all micromax apps removed
  7. Speed improved
  8. Some battery, ram, zipalign and other tweaks

How to install

  1. flash cwm
  2. Install zombie kernel use pro or lite [Recommended]
  3. format system
  4. clear data and cache
  5. mount everything
  6. flash Blue_Bird_v2.zip
  7. reboot
  8. wait for it to boot [can take 5 – 10 minutes]
  9. if failed repeat steps with care
  10. last enjoy blue bird rom



Little Blue Bird hatched


Little Blue Bird hatched

Bugs Of Little Blue Bird hatched

Date & Time (Fixed by Setting manual)

Don’t turn off SIM cards before shutdown

Things Fixed in AOSP

  1. Task manager is added
  2. SS option added


  1. Wawan
  2. mr.India
  3. Xeon Zolt
New versions will be released with differences and fixes
  1. little blue bird grew
  2. little blue bird flew
  3. little blue bird dead
  4. little blue bird zombie

ROM TESTERS HERE – submit this form

About Einārs V.

I am one of the DzB-Team members since we started to exist, forum administrator and program manager of internet radio station - one of crazy zombie brothers! ;)


  1. Thank You for this! I were using Little Blue Bird 2.3.7 and I liked it very much. Thank you. I was waiting for It!

  2. Did send you a ROM tester Form, go and check it out 🙂

  3. I found that i can’t open images too. Gallery is just black screen. Will report more, because i reinstalled the rom and then will test.

  4. One more thing… Why there isn’t showing bootanimation? Im using iDUOS kernel and it show bootanim to any rom exept this one. I found BootAnimation in media folder but it doesn’t show op nor the sound plays. Btw sorry for my bad english Im Latvian and I think you too.

    • Boot animation maybe will be fixed in next versions…. Haven’t had time for that… Hmm, maybe I am Latvian, maybe Russian or maybe I am talking only in Hindi language… Who knows?? 😉 Check previous comment, don’t get in trouble again….

  5. Download Link for v2 please.

  6. Really sorry. Got the link. The adfly site wasn’t working. Then I added https:// before and voila the site opened.

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