Tuesday , 23 January 2018
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CM11 and S6102? Is this possible?!

Team DZB started something new again!

Team DZB has started work on CM11 kernel for S6102! 😎 This will take a lot of time, but we wont stop till we will get it! As you all may know – CM11 has been booted on S5360. We will try to boot it on S6102 Duos too! Project is in early alpha stage but we are trying to move it fast! Check forum for latest news and updates!

About Einārs V.

I am one of the DzB-Team members since we started to exist, forum administrator and program manager of internet radio station - one of crazy zombie brothers! ;)


  1. Awesome!

    Good luck with that, guys!

  2. Great!!!

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