Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Breaking News

Progress of CM11 on S6102 Duos gone totally out of control! ;)

Progress is moving so fast that I have not even time for posting!

Okay, this time I will be quick…  😉 I think we got very good progress on latest build.

On last build we got:

  • wi-fi;
  • sound (partially like on cm9);
  • kernel;
  • cwm 6;
  • graphics acceleration (almost fully working);
  • and more;

I am planning to fix very soon:

  • sensors (rotation, magnetic, proximity and etc);
  • white screen bug and brightness bug;
  • gps bug (still need to check some things);

That’s all for this time – still need to fix some other things! See you all soon, bye!

Downloads, latest updates and progress here!

About Einārs V.

I am one of the DzB-Team members since we started to exist, forum administrator and program manager of internet radio station - one of crazy zombie brothers! ;)


  1. First of all, i must thank u 2 grate development with SGYD .

    in Last cm9 , voice calls not working. . can u tel me , voice calls are working or not in cm11?

  2. Fu#k yeah! I love you guys.

  3. hey can i contribute to your work in any way. but i am still a noob.

    • there is button “join DZB” on menu…. fill form and we will review it, after that you will get answer… don’t worry – we don’t need only android devs, we are working with very much projects…. just fill form!

      • thank u for ur reply. As i know cm was not supporting dual sim till cm9 but cm10.2 had dual sim functionality and cm11 does too. cm11 for grand duos has dual sim functionality working. since you are starting from scratch can u include this functionality to it. In your rom when i saw the changelog for cm it was M7 which already has patches for multisim applied. Correct me if i am wrong.

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