Tuesday , 23 January 2018
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Little Blue Bird [2.3.7] For SGYD [29/4/12]

Little Blue Bird

2.3.7 dual sim rom for galaxy y duos from team DZB its a little step taken from 2.3.6

Blue Bird - DzB Team

Little Blue Bird

ROM features
  1. Android 2.3.7
  2. Dual sim supported
  3. Pre Rooted
  4. aosp

How to install

  1. flash cwm
  2. Install zombie kernel use pro or lite [Recomended]
  3. format system
  4. clear data and cache
  5. mount everything
  6. flash AOSP_2.3.7_beta1.zip
  7. clear data and cache again
  8. reboot
  9. wait for it to boot [can take 5- 10 minutes]
  10. if failed repeat steps with care
  11. last enjoy blue bird rom


Bugs Of Little Blue Bird hatched

Date & Time (Fixed by Setting manual)
SMSC wrong number (Fixed by this method)

Things Missing in AOSP

  1. Task manager is not their in AOSP
  2. SS keys not work in AOSP
  1. Wawan
  2. Mr.India
  3. Xeon Zolt
New versions will be released with time and difference and fix
  1. little blue bird grew
  2. little blue bird flew
  3. little blue bird dead
  4. little blue bird zombie

About Xeon Zolt


  1. Hey, please open your thread in xda(it got locked) and add the download link so everyone could try this rom.

    • we have conflict with xda
      we made news thread but modreator[ronnie] ask for link
      and he refuse to reopen thread
      we are shortly opening zda for development

  2. good one….but it need more features n it need to be themed …hope it will in next update

    • if you read the last line new versions will be their
      next version will have boot option and screenshot option and battery percentage bar
      more will be their

  3. i, have a question hope you answer me
    does the rom support arabic ?

  4. When will b the next update available ?

  5. join zda to contribute or help in development

  6. proximity sensor doesnt work !! anyy fix ???

    • Next version maybe
      Help on zda-developers.esy.es
      To solve bugs and help in development
      And proximty sensor is fixed

  7. Nice rom using it. (Q)i want know about aosp what are the advantages of it

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