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Karbonn Titanium S5 – TWRP & CWM

Recoveries are needed to root your android device.
If you don’t have the adequate recovery you can get into trouble and most undesirable thing is that you would not be able to root your device.

Nowadays, most common guides, tutorials, apps & games are limited to the high end devices with a big brand name and a big MRP. Due to this it is always impossible to find adequate materials for the devices like lava, karbonn, spice. I did not mean to say that these cheap devices are junk, but i just want to tell you the truth.

So, we have decided to work on both big branded & highly affordable devices i.e. light for pocket and heavy in features. And one such devices’ brand name is Karbonn who had earn a good reputation due to better features and affordability in the markets.

Enough of the Description now lets start our topic i.e.

TWRP & CWM Recoveries for Karbonn Titanium S5

The following are the Recoveries which are pee-requisite for the rooting process of Karbonn Titanium S5:
All recoveries are Free of Blur Display Bug,
All recoveries are Flashable Zips. You can flash them via Existing Recovery,
If you are flashing a recovery for the first time, then extract “recovery.img” from the respective zip file and flash it via FASTBOOT.

TWRP 2.6 (Touch Based)

1. Google Play Themed Interface

2. Basic Interface


1. New Interface (Touch doesn’t work, use hardware buttons)

2. Basic Interface

So, now you have learnt How to Install TWRP & CWM recoveries in your Karbonn Titanium S5.

Don’t worry we will not ask you to Press “Thanks”

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