Tuesday , 23 January 2018
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WP7 Style BEAUTIFUL Lockscreen for Nexus S

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Install like any other APK files.

WP7Lock Pro 1.1.1, WP7Lock Pro is a simple, elegant, and fast custom lockscreen done WP7 style. It is the next-generation custom Lockscreen.
It is designed to look like the real thing in Windows Phone 7
If you want to try it out before you buy it, head to WP7Lock Lite. It’s free, has the basics of the full app.
* True Windows phone 7 experience.
* Zero-second delay! Works for non-root and rooted users!
* Integration with ZPlayer(Album Art) and Status Bar+.
* fast and easy to use inter-phase.
* This app is in Beta stage, it may contain bugs. This app has been tested on a number of devices, and it performed as desired.
* If your original Lockscreen keeps popping up while WP7Lock is enabled, please install any noLock app, or if you’re on ICS disable the original lockscreen from settings.
* Album art only works when the background is set to “System Background”.

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