Monday , 22 January 2018
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MultiWindow/Screen Ported To Galaxy S2 Plus [fully functional]

credits android.zealot.fervor

Installation Guide

  • Only for Official Samsung Rom !
  • Only for Deodexed
  • Download the required MultiWindow according to your Model (i9105/p)
  • Copy MultiWindow to your sdcard
  • Go to ClockWorkMod Recovery
  • Flash the MultiWindow
  • Go back and Click Reboot
  • Now Go into Settings/Display
  • Click on MultiWindow Checkbox to Enable it

Download Links 


For enabling ALL APPS MOD MW, an application known as Multiwindow Manager has to be installed.
It is available on playstore but for a reason the developer of that application has not made it supportable
for Samsung Galaxy S II plus only on playstore. The application does work on our device. so,for such
reason i am uploading Multiwindow Manager here for download. 


  • Download Multiwindow Manager
  • After Downloading directly install Multiwindow Manager
  • Open the application and select the apps which you desire to be in MW bar
  • After the selection of apps ,the app would ask you for reboot.
  • Click on Reboot and you will find all the apps which you had chosen to be in MW bar.

Multiwindow Manager

Q.I am running Odex Rom.Will this MultiWindow work on it ?
A.Absolutely no,you are to be deodexed in order to run MultiWindow on your phone.

Q.Will this MultiWindow work on JB 4.1.2 ?
A.NO, it will not work.

Q.After flashing this MW i can’t enable MultiWindow on my phone ?What should i do ?
A.After flashing this MODE,you will not get any sort of quick toggle in notification bar you would have to enable it by going into Settings/Display and from there you would have to tick the MultiWindow CheckBox.
I shall add the quick toggle for MW soon in future.

Q.After flashing MultiWindow my i tried the multitask two applications but unfortunately i couldn’t find the divider between those two apps?How can i make it appear ?
A.Yes ,sometimes this happens. You don’t have to worry about that. After flashing MW ,initially the divider between apps takes around 5-8 seconds and after that it works without any flaws.
Enable Quick Toggle For MW in notification bar

Disclaimer:By flashing this MOD you will loose all of your saved data on internal memory.Don’t blame me that i didn’t inform earlier. 
  • Only for i9105p
  • Save to sdcard
  • Reboot to Recovery
  • Flash the file
  • Don’t reboot now
  • Click on Mount DATA
  • Scroll Down and click format/data
  • Reboot and you will find MW quick toggle

-Initial Release

- Added Quick Toggle For MultiWindow in notification bar(Stable Version And Bugs Free)

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