Monday , 22 January 2018
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[How to] Make your own Animated Battery for Samsung Galaxy S III

How to make your own animated battery
A Beginner’s Guide

You can do this for MK3 stock-based builds ~ MOAR or Wicked Sensations

For example, this animated gif shows the battery charging animation from the one I made for myself. It uses my own app icon plus a google-like cube I drew. The animation I made looks like this (view in browser or click image). Fun for me…

This is actually very easy once you see what you have to do. The time-consuming part is editing 203 tiny images. Okay? Check it out.

First get these things:

1. Download this file Here:

2. Get 7-zip if you don’t have it. Free here:

3. Get if you don’t have an image editor that can work with transparency/alpha layers and png files. Free here:

4. Find or create two different images to use as a base. This is the reason you’re doing this, because you want a certain thing. Find or create two images that you want to use for this. You’ll use one image to make the 101 images for unplugged percentages. You’ll use the other image to make the 102 images for the animation when plugged in. They need to be 45 px X 45 px, transparent png files, or you can make them into that.

Once you have your two base images 45px X 45 px, let’s get you started on the little bit tedious part…

Do these things:

1. Do not unzip, just navigate into the template zip to this folder:

2. TAKE THAT FOLDER OUT to your desktop or something (drawable-xhdpi)

3. Look inside that folder. Replace all of those images with whatever you are creating for your own animated battery image set. (That part can take a while.) You must use the exact file names for every one. Just “save as” and double click on each one to replace, so you’re certain to not change any of the file names by mistake.

4. After you’ve done all your images, drag that shiny new drawable-xhdpi folder back into the zip file. Close the zip file. Rename the zip file so you know it’s the one you just made.

5. Make a backup then flash that zip to check out your work.


animated battery demo from Erika Lin on Vimeo.

Hope this is helpful. Here are the three made up to share:

Red Sox:
Sigma and Cube:

credit erikalin 

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