Monday , 22 January 2018
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Armv 7 Converter


  • This tutorial is only for educational needs,
  • I’m not responsible for using it for other purposes U can convert only Unity 3D games.
  • For now We don’t know how convert GLU games (based on unity) cuz libs are in .obb files.
  • Not all games work after convert, for example shadowgun,asphalt7,amazing spiderman.


How to Convert

1. Check to see if game is based on unity.
Open APK file (winrar etc.) and go to :
Apk->Libs->Armeabi-v7/ and check this 2 files:

If game has this two libs is based on unity so we try convert.

2. Check the versions of the unity 3D.

Open your apk WITH winrar OR winzip and go to:
Apk->assets->bin->Data here – you can open so much file to get info, but we try with file mainData – Open with some txt editor(notepad or notepad++).

Now look at ths image for conforming which i hav attached:

At first line u get info about version of libs, just see this: 3.5.6f4 (every game has different versions)
Now delete both armv7 libs from game folder by opening in winrar:
from:- (1)Apk->lib-> here (armeabi-v7)
And from:- (2)Apk->assets->libs-> here
3. Replace with Armv6 libs
Just open file which i hav given links on the top and get libs with your version (we have here 3.5.6f4)

And copy to both (1)apk->lib and
(2)Apk->assets->libs(by opening in winrar)

4.Now close everything nd copy tht apk to your sdcard


If u finish everything remember to sign apk which u hav to install in ur android device from above given link, you can use zipsigner for android or tools by kondzio for PC

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