Monday , 22 January 2018
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[How-To Root & Hack] Samsung Galaxy S4 [All you should know]

This is a thread of videos for Noobs to be able to figure out how to root and hack there S4 hope this helps some of you out.

Galaxy S4 VS Galaxy S3 Battle Royale

Galaxy S4 How to enter Stock recovery and Download mode

Verizon Galaxy S4 Root easy without losing any data or apps

Samsung Galaxy S4 Custom Recovery Super Easy install

Galaxy S4 how to make a Nandroid backup in TWRP custom recovery

Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 Multi Window Manager root app review

How to install CM10.1 Rom on the Galaxy S4

How to activate wifi hotspot/tether for free

Galaxy S4 Google Edition Rom port for Verizon GS4

Galaxy S4 CPU overclock to 2.3GHZ with a custom kernel

Galaxy S4 Awesome TW Eclipse rom Install & Review

New RootJunky Galaxy S4 Rom

Samsung Galaxy S4 ME7 Safe Strap custom recovery install

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hyperdrive rom installed with safe strap recovery

How to use CyanogenMod Installer for any Nexus Device & many more

Verizon Galaxy S4 Rooting MI1 Instructions

Verizon Galaxy S4 MI1 Safe strap recovery instructions

Galaxy S4 Safe Strap Hyper Drive rom install MI1

Verizon Galaxy S4 OTA update to 4.3 & Keep Root

Galaxy S4 Root on Android 4.3 MJ7

Galaxy S4 Root on android 4.3 MJ7 and MK2

Galaxy S4 Safe strap 3.70 for Builds MJ7 and MK2

How to update to safe strap 3.70 and the new features in it

How to install a rom with safe strap on builds MJ7 or MK2

How to install Fox Hound rom with a restore and my review of it.

How to install and review of eclipse rom

How to Unbrick or restore the Galaxy S4

How to Pull a Logcat to help developers trouble shoot problems

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