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Guide # LAVA IRIS 402 / 356 # Increase RAM and Internal Memory

1. Root Lava Iris 402 / 356 by Framaroot

Select the Framroot 1.6.1.apk in the below link from your opera mini browser – select save – select open and select install.
Thanks Alephzain

In Framaroot → select Boromir. After success message reboot your phone.

Now you have Root access.

2. Install Busybox

Go to Playstore and Install Busybox by Stephen (Stericson)

Open Busybox give root permission when prompted. 
Wait for few minutes to complete smart install analysis, then select install then select smart install without making any changes.

Busybox is needed for executing modifying commands.

3. Increasing Internal Memory for installing more apps

Make 2 partitions in your SD Card as primary partitions using minitool partition wizard in windows / gparted in linux (be careful to change only sd card and not computer partition)

1st as FAT32 (primary) for storing DATA, Music, Videos etc.,. (say 6.5 GB in 8GB SD Card)
2nd as FAT32 or ext4 (as primary) for linking apps with link2sd – balance memory in sd card (note: kernel supports ext partitions) 

You can also resize partition. See link below on how to partition

Thanks bakpinar and sanny5

Install Link2SD from Play store → select Fat16/32 

→ if it says mount script created. You can link your apps to 2nd partition through link2sd. 

→ If it says mount: no such file or directory – 
Install Mount /System (rw / ro) from play store → Select Mount R/W
Install ES File Explorer → copy the below script in notepad++ in windows (not notepad, google it) or gedit in linux or if you want to use your phone install droideditfree and save as and copy the file to the folder /system/etc/ after enabling mount r/w as said above
# mount vfat 2nd partition from sd card
sleep 2
mount -t vfat -o rw /dev/block/vold/179:2 /data/sdext2
mount -t vfat -o rw /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 /data/sdext2
Note : Replace vfat with ext4 in the above script if you want to use ext4 partition.

Read the above script horizontally in phone.
Thanks to Kierrok

Permission setting for the above file -> Enable Root explorer to ON in es file explorer by going to menu –> tools –> root explorer ON. Then long press the copied file in ES file Explorer -> select more -> select properties -> select change under permissions -> tick all the read, write and execute except write by others.

Reboot phone. Link2sd will work now. 

4. Increasing RAM (SWAP)

The phone already has 190Mb internal swap. It is too low.

Install Swapper for Root → put value 756 → select active at boot. Class 10 sd card will work better.

You can also further increase SD Card speed with installing SD Speed Increase → setting kbs based on class of sdcard to maximum
and set on every boot.

Now we have overcome the twin limitations of LAVA IRIS 402 to some extent.

Flashing Stock ROM / Firmware if anything goes wrong or stuck in bootloop / bootlogo

Windows Drivers for MT6572 Can be downloaded from link given below though it is stated as for Micromax A76 —> select MTK Drivers in post # 5 by hdmaza. Thanks Hdmaza

Lava Iris 402 Stock ROM / Firmware is now available with MTK6572 SP Flash Tool at

Note: merge the LAVA_IRIS402_S027_20130830_DCC folder part 1 and 2 

In SP Flash tool click scatter select the scatter file in above merged folder and click firmware upgrade for full installation then plug the phone to usb. 

Lava iris 356 Stock Rom / firmware is available in following link

Thanks Prem India

IMEI write tool for MTK 6572 with video tutorial available at

after input of IMEI numbers select the file in database folder downloaded in the above Stock ROM

Thanks Nokian Care

Both are working, tested. Revived phone from Bootloop (tried to install cwm recovery through mtk droid tools 2.4.8 version not supporting mt6572)

Above information have been searched / collected by me from various threads / sites for the benefit of lava iris 402 / 356 users.

Note : Though above have been tweaked by me in my Lava Iris 402 and it is working well, I am not responsible if anything goes wrong.

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  1. my lava iris 356 soft bricked aftr installing chainfire 3d….how to unbrick d device..?..plz help..thanx in advance

    • if you have a cwm backup restore it
      or install a custom rom
      or use aroma file manager and delete the chain fire 3d made files
      what happned after you installed chainfire3d

  2. tried everything on my lava iris 402 but happens nothing anyone help me please….

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